We are the Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, NH. We seek to provide an accepting community and spiritual haven in a changing world.

Are you looking for a religious home where everyone is welcome, which puts emphasis on personal responsibility rather than on sin and guilt, where your joys and concerns are shared, where your friendships are deepened?

Grow with us in the liberal religious tradition that respects ideas, values, diversity, and encourages the exploration of spirituality and life's meaning.

Sunday services are at 10:00am - come join us!

Upcoming (more on the calendar)

August 3

Service: "UU Evangelism: Sharing Our Faith", Rick Spitz

Our church is a wonderful place for embarking on a collective journey to find meaning, engage in social action, provide religious education for our children, and be part of a spiritual community.

More and more people are abandoning traditional organized religion, especially younger adults. Our UU religion is a great match for the needs and values of many people today. Are we doing enough to make them aware of our existence and encourage them to join us?

Join Rick Spitz to explore the challenges and opportunities for sharing our faith more broadly with others in our community.

Ministerial Search

The Search Committee has a blog to share some of our learnings and reflections from this past year.

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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was Thursday, June 12 at 7:00pm. Meeting materials are here.